Company activities

ABEKS Financial Consulting LLC is a company with basic activity - financial support of the firms dealing with production, trading and export-import mostly in the ex-Yugoslav republics as well in the Balkan region. To obtain its own financial activities, ABEKS Financial Consulting LLC collaborates with all leading European Banks.
ABEKS Financial Consulting LLC also collaborates with all important and leading Banks in Balkan Region.

Together with our partners from Switzerland and Austria, we work successfully over 15 years in the finance field. Our activities are directed in easing and amending of the stipulations and conditions of payments and executing different types of transactions for supply of machinery, crude materials or any kind of goods or services or for export-import of the above mentioned.
We also help our clients in mediation for concluding contracts representing their interests, making market research and suggesting best solutions for the trade finance.
With our mediation and financial consulting with the use of the all banking instruments like Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantees and etc. we have successfully concluded hundreds of deals, and with our working experience we hope that we will find solutions which correspond best to your financing requests and needs.
Hoping that we will establish successful cooperation,
Sincerely yours,
Abeks Financial Consulting LLC